Just to let you know that I'm still here to answer your questions and to collect your money. I, for one, am using Retriever every day with my digital images. It does do some things better than the competition. However, I use Win98 here for reasons of common sense. Since practically anyone else will use Win2000/XP nowadays, here is a plea: let me know what does not seem to work correctly on your XP. Contact sheets may not print correctly on XP/2000, that one is already known. You can take a detour through html or bmp's if you need to print out a contact sheet.


This Rosa Laetitia project is much more demanding than I would ever have expected. Especially since I'm still liable for maintenance re: my earlier Lilli Marie joint venture. So I still don't have anything that is worthy of a new release. But my private version of Retriever shows thumbnails for AVI files, courtesy of my recent vacation with a digital camera (and Lilli & Rosa). If that is something you have been desperately waiting for, you can request a beta by email :)


You will have noticed that there were no new releases lately. This is because I was busy releasing my second daughter Rosa Laetitia, which still takes up too many system resources. Hopefully this is only temporary and can be fixed... ;o) However I made Retriever 2.3 "official" now.


A bug has been fixed in Retriever 2.3. If you got it before 03/12/2000 you should download again (below). The bug was in rearranging thumbnails by drag&drop.


Retriever 3.0 will still take a while to be released. But I have put an intermediate release on my FTP server here.
To see if there is some change that is of interest for you, see changes
The online help is not yet updated with new features. Features in this version may be changed in the final release.
Retriever 2.3 Full Setup (1.3MB)
Retriever 2.3 Without Setup (648KB)
Please don't link to these files directly on your web page. Better link to .
"Without Setup" is for users who already have a version of Retriever installed, or have a slow connection. Copy the files in the .zip into your existing Retriever folder, replacing the existing files. If you don't have Retriever installed, just make a new empty folder. The penalty for running Retriever without installing via the Setup is that it doesn't get into the "Start" menu... You can do that yourself. Also you can't uninstall it via the control panel applet. Instead, just delete the folder. There will remain a registry key that stores Retriever's settings.

Sometimes I get complaints that Retriever associates itself with image file types without asking. Look at the menu option "Options->Launch Retriever with these files..." (that is not new in this release... ;o)


Just so you know that I'm still alive... Retriever 2.22 seems to be a reasonably good piece of software and I don't have AmazingNewFeatures(tm) for now. But I've collected lots of little nuissances and I'm working on a new release that will eradicate them.


Finally there's a version of the Retriever Screen Saver that is compatible with 2.2. This is for registered users only (others will experience what "nagging" is all about ;o)
You can point it at one of your contact sheets and it shows the images in a slide show, with various transition effects.


There is a Patch available for version 2.2. It fixes the following problems that some of you might experience: It also adds these enhancements: Download the patch: (473k) link changed to point to 2.3
To install, replace the retriever.exe in your Retriever folder with the one in the archive.

PS: Some users reported that Retriever exits with an error box whenever they use the database. This is the fault of a buggy Windows system file (comctl32.dll), that was probably installed by an older version of MS Internet Explorer... You can get an update for comctl32.dll here:
this is the only known cause of Retriever exiting with an error. So if you have a different error, please tell me at


Now I got my own site, ! The old redirected URL for Retriever's homepage was simply too unreliable. I want to keep you updated.
By the way, there is also a new release available: Retriever 2.2 !
It adds many of the improvements you have suggested: Go get it! Free of course for registered users.


Retriever 2.1 is officially released! These are the changes, since 2.0:  + some bugs fixed and minor improvements, the database is slightly faster, the "Enhance" feature is slightly less conservative, and the rest I have forgotton.

Get it now !Update is free for registered users, as always.


While there are no news, there is a new little product by yours truly. It's WinGlobe, a tiny earth that sits on your desktop. Hence it's totally unrelated, but fun. If you came here to register Retriever, do that first, so that you don't forget about it! :o)


A "maintenance release" Retriever 2.01 is available. There were 2 bugs reported in Retriever 2.0. This made me feel uncomfortable... So I released a 2.01 right away, that fixes these issues.

 Fixed: - on machines with very large memory resources, if you opened a large number of files, thumbnails were made too large, causing an error.
Fixed: - Dupe Detective would cause an error when he encountered images smaller than 8x8...

There is also one small, but very handy enhancement:


Retriever 2.0 is released! These are some of the new features:  + some minor features & enhancements
 + some cosmetic & exotic bugs have been fixed.

    Get it now ! As always, it's free for registered users.


Old news are no news... Get 2.0 now !:o)

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