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Retriever is a quick and handy image viewer for Windows95 / 98 / NT4.0, with an industry standard no fuss user interface. But you can do much more with Retriever: Retriever has a fully operative full screen mode, drag & drop support,  shell integration, comprehensive online help and context sensitive help.

The Retriever database and thumbnail functions support any kind of file, not only image files.


 Windows 95+ or Windows NT 4.0+, Windows ME or Windows 2000
 HiColor or TrueColor graphics recommended.

Comprehensive features list

In case you are looking for a specific feature and are sick and tired of downloading software that doesn't have it :o) Otherwise just download the program and see for yourself.

Image viewer:

Retriever reads and writes JPG (jpg, jpe, jpeg, jif), Windows BMP (bmp, dib), PNG, GIF, TIF and WMF files. You can convert from any of these formats to any other. It is no graphics editor, but has the kind of features you need to maintain and view a collection of images:

File management: copy, move, rename and delete image files while you view them. It takes advantage of the Windows shell for file management, so that you get the standard animations, can use the recycle bin and your preselected security level (ask back when deleting / overwriting files)


You can open selected files or all files in a directory or from several folders as thumbnails (small preview images) in a contact sheet. The size of the thumbnails can be 4x4 up to 512x512 pixels. A larger preview of a thumbnail pops up if you move the mouse over it. You can save and load these contact sheets. You can use any file management function on a set of thumbnails at once. Thumbnails are resampled to give you the best thumbnail possible. Creation of thumbnails is lightning fast (well, at least if the original images are jpgs :o)

Thumbnails can be dragged to other Windows applications or to other contact sheets. You can also rearrange them by drag and drop. The thumbnails can be sorted by file attributes like path, name, size, date, and you can show all of these in the labels under the thumbnails too.

You can also save all the individual thumbnails as images, even using the edge effects available for contact sheets.

Contact Sheets:

You can print contact sheets and save them as an image (eg. jpg). You can also save them as a website (html pages) just as easily. They can be automatically split into multiple pages, so that each page contains a selected number of images. Contact sheets can have a colored background, a background with a multidirectional gradient, a background image, even all of these at once. Thumbnails can be printed with various effects like borders, shadows etc. You can use multiline title and footer text for the pages that can contain dynamic fields like a page number. You can also have multiline labels under the thumbnails that show fields like file size, image dimensions, date or path.

Dupe Detective:

Retriever's Dupe Detective can find duplicate images in a directory (including subdirectories), or images similar to a given image or set of images. It doesn't matter if the dupes are a different size, have a frame or are a entirely different scan of the same photo, Dupe Detective will find them. You can change his "pickiness" to also find images that belong to a series.

Slide Show View:

You can browse images in a contact sheet as a slide show, either manually or automatic on a timer. The slide show can be an additional window or take over the whole screen, to make a presentation.

Image mosaic:

You can create a mosaic of many small images so that together they form a large image. You can also use this function to create a classic mosaic with ornamental tiles.


You can order your pictures in a tree of free-text attributes or categories, much like you do on your hard disk. The difference is that an image can belong to any number of categories - and you can categorize a new image by just one mouseclick. You can then retrieve your images by the selected properties.
You can maintain an unlimited number of these databases, eg. for different themes.

Image processing:

Color processing - You can change things like brightness, contrast, color contrast and gamma correction in realtime (image changes while you move the sliders)

Resample - You can resize an image using high quality resampling. There is less "blockiness" when you enlarge a picture, and no "snow" if you size it down. Retriever does both things at once.

Image enhancement - With one mouseclick you can do  things like despeckle, sharpen, histogram stretching - all at once. Retriever chooses the best things to do for the given image without ruining it.

Color reduction - Reduce the number of colors used by an image, using palette optimization and dithering. Retriever has the best color quantization around and most important: it lets you tweak the process. You can have a full colored image using 5 colors or less (whatever that's good for).

Image cropping - In addition to selecting part of an image with the mouse to get a new image, Retriever can cut images that contain multiple pictures, or pictures spoiled by a fancy frame automagically.

Rotate - You can rotate your images in 90° steps in either direction by clicking a toolbar button. This is useful for digital camera pictures and scans in landscape format.

Full screen:

You can switch to full screen mode while you view images - no borders, toolbars or menus. Unlike other viewer's full screen modes you keep having full control of the program, so with Retriever you can actually work in full screen mode.

Shell integration:

This allows you to view images from the file explorer or an icon by just doubleclicking them (what? you did somehow expect this?:o) You can also drag & drop pictures on Retriever to view them or drop them on a contact sheet to add them, or from a contact sheet to process the files in another program.  Even works for multiple files at once.  You also get a "print" menu item in file explorer for all the images that Retriever can read, and you can drag & drop images on a printer to print them.

Slide Show Screensaver:

Retriever now has a builtin slide show view. But you can also get an automatic slide show with transition effects and password protection.  These features are where they belong: in a screen saver.The Retriever Screen Saver is free for download by registered users of Retriever.

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