Retriever 2.3 is available as fully functional, uncrippled shareware.

It is free for an evaluation period of up to 30 days after installation.
The program will continue to work after the trial period.
Continued use after the trial period is illegal without registration.

Registration costs $20. See license.txt or online help.

Download Retriever 2.3 1314k zip archive containing a setup program.

International mirror sites are at Simtel.Net

Registered users of Retriever can get the Retriever Screen Saver for free. It will show an automatic slide show of the pictures contained in a Retriever contact sheet (*.ret), with transition effects.
Download it now: (265k)


 Extract the files in the .zip archive to a temporary directory, eg with Winzip.

 Run setup.exe

 Retriever 2.3 incl. online help will use 1.25MB on your harddisk.

 Retriever consists of a single exe "retriever.exe"
 It doesn't require additional DLLs and will not write things to your System

 If you are using an older version of Retriever, you can simply install over it, to the same directory.

 If you ever uninstall Retriever and you have used the default database, Retriever's directory will not be removed, so you can save retriever.db if you want.
 Apart from this Retriever should uninstall tracelessly.

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