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makers of fine software since 1967

Ok, the soft ware I made back in 1967 was more like wetware.




Retriever - the image viewer for Windows that makes beautiful thumbnails and image catalogs in any way you can think of, has a flexible database and has the famous Dupe Detective, an algorithm that finds duplicates and even look-alikes among your images.

WinGlobe - A tiny earth that sits on your Windows desktop. It shows a unique relief image of the earth and it knows all countries and over 2700 major cities. It also shows the current time at any place on earth. And it doesn't need to stay tiny, you can blow it up until it covers your entire desktop.




    Theremin - Without touching the instrument the player produces the desired music by definite hand movements in the air!

    My favorite photographic art... (by your's truely & published using Retriever of course) Some more lively images are in my Sigma SD9 gallery.

    Alfred's new terrarium - how to build a rainforest terrarium with waterfall (in German but with pictures). There are now also pages about terrarium techology, plants and about the Chinese Waterdragon by and large.
New! Waterdragon terrarium MkII - more pictures, more water, dragons galore...

    MP3 ahem... music ... (cough) look... I found that guitar the other day... it was just lying there... waiting...

The WinGlobe Launchpad - WinGlobe can also take you on a virtual trip to any place on earth, by means of the Internet. This link is only a backdoor to The WinGlobe Launchpad.

Ubiquitäten und Petitessen - my collection of original art. As you may have guessed, everything in here is up for sale.

JavaGlobe - this is a java applet that thinks it is WinGlobe :o) Be warned though: It needs to download lots of data.

Garage Sale now open. Learn something about me... buy my personal items. Hey, I guess I'm suffering from a severe outbreak of Scroogeism.

Family album - for all you grannies out there ;o)

Waterdragon pictures - some old pictures of my first Chinese Waterdragon Alfred and his first girlfriend Esmeralda.

Knitting Spiro - the wife has an online shop. I have not. Bummer.


My eBay auctions My eBay auctions. Mostly European vintage art. I liked flea markets back in the olden days when I used to leave house and stuff ;o)

The Silver Surfer Webazine - this was my first "homepage" (not updated since March 2000!) The dreadful thing about geocities was - it doesn't go away! Go there if you think you're interested in any of the following:

    Download Planet Earth - Free data for anyone who dreams of squeezing the world into his PC (or Mac, IBM 390 or Unix workstation, if must be :) Also Mapper, a freeware tool that I made to make some of this data visible and combine it into meaningful views of the earth. It is not for the timid, since we're talking about gigabytes of data here.
    Stereo Photography - 3D photos, how you can make them yourself !
    Animé - for friends of Japanese Pop-Art. Many links and also features some computer based offspring of the Asian googly-eyes culture, like computerized paper dressing dolls :)
    There's also the amazing webcam java applet, the internet radio, and stuff I made so long ago that I forgot about it.


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